born on 7th May in Carinthia (Austria)

1995 - 2000

Secondary College for Electronics focused on Technical Computer Science (german: HTL Technische Informatik), diploma thesis "Realtime DSP"


Winner of TouchTown Gaming and Creativity Competition for programming the game Sphere. Californa Connection Language Program in Los Angeles and San Diego.

2000 - 2006

moved to Hamburg, Software Developer at Steinberg Media Technologies, working on Cubase, HALion, Plex, myMP3 and VST 3.0*


Released KRISTAL Audio Engine

2006 - 2009

Founder and Managing Director of KristalLabs Software Ltd.,
KristalLabs became PreSonus Software

since April 2009

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at PreSonus Software Ltd.


I spend most of my time developing software for musicians. I've been playing bass guitar in some bands in the past. In my playling is a mixture of Hippie, Gothic, Wave, Metal and TripHop music. Some of my favorite bands and sources of inspiration are The Doors, Type O Negative, Theatre of Tragedy, Kyuss, Tool, Massive Attack, Deine Lakaien, Johnny Cash. In the past I've been listening to AC/DC, Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, Böhse Onkelz.


I like to express myself in C++. But even more challenging it is to play with words in my native language German or in English. Depending on the mood and what's currently happening in my life, my poems tend to be quite okay from time to time.


You can try to reach me via e-mail at matthias [AT] kreatives [DOT] org, but don't expect an answere within 24 hours.

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