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Last updated: 09/19/2006

The successor of KRISTAL Audio Engine 1.0 was code-named K2. KristalLabs Software Ltd. has taken over its code base and all future development.

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Past Milestones:

[M1] New Audio Engine - Reached on Aug. 1 2005 - Read more...

[M2] New MIDI Engine - Reached on Dec. 18 2005 - Read more...
What happened since KAE 1.0?

We have established a completely new infrastructure for K2. It was a painful and time-consuming way to go, but a good and necessary investment in the future...

What is the future of K2?

In July 2006, KristalLabs was founded out of the vision of creating new commercial-grade music production tools. The K2 code base turned out to be the perfect foundation for this purpose. KristalLabs will continue what once started as a free time project. Instead of spending spleepless nights with programming, we will drive things futher within regular business hours with a highly motivated team of professional developers.

Why did you choose the commercial way?

Developing high-quality software eats up a lot of time. There are two scenarios you can imagine:

1) Do it as an idealistic hobbyist over several years besides family and day job and you will sooner or later reach a point where you feel burned out and realize that you will never be competitive in this fast changing market.

Alternatively, you can...

2) Try to convince people of your vision, find an investor and found a company. At one go, you get your life back and the unique opportunity to develop great tools for music production.

And this is, what it's all about. Whether you are developer or musician, we both want to find the perfect solution for creating music.

What is the relationship between KristalLabs and KAE 1.0?

From the legal perspective, there is none. KRISTAL 1.0 was developed by a partially different team. It remains as is. It is not supported by KristalLabs in regard to customer care and the like. However, we will never forget our roots! There will be a privileged upgrade path for existing KRISTAL users. Nothing of your work will get lost. You will be able to import old projects to the new production platform.

Does it mean no more Freeware or what?

Yes and no. There won't be a direct descendent of the free KAE 1.0, but besides the full-blown commercial version, a fully-functional free community edition of the new platform is planned.

Why don't you open KAE 1.0 source code for the community?

Because it does not make sense from software engineering perspective. Parts of the KAE source code are more than seven years old and have several weaknesses. For this reason we decided to rewrite it. It is better to focus all energy at one point, rather than spreading it between an open source and a closed source version.

What about Kristal User Forum?

There is no plan to shut the forum down. A strong community has evolved by itself and we are very proud of it!

How can I get involved in the future development process?

This is to be defined by KristalLabs. We know that lots of people have great ideas and are willing to help. Because of the large amount of feature requests and improvement proposals, information needs to be canalized somehow, to fit into the development process.

Can I get hands on Beta versions?

We would be very happy, if some of the long-term KRISTAL users would be interested in Beta Testing for KristalLabs. There will be announcements in KRISTAL User Forum and at when the time is right.

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