The Hexagon Logos

I’m accompanied by logos based on the hexagon shape (and the crystal lattice) for quite a while. It started out as a pentagon used for the classic Crystal Audio Engine. The idea was to find a shape that matches with the name. A filter algorithm in Photoshop did the job back then.

The classic logo was followed by a refresh for KRISTAL Audio Engine in 2004.

When founding KristalLabs Software in 2006 the company logo was a continuation of the same idea, and when we joined the PreSonus family in 2009 we tried to conserve the original DNA by deriving the product logo from the previous corporate design.

Fun fact: The KristalLabs logo was designed by Vivian Neeland who also designed the Cubase logo. So both logos, Cubase and Studio One, where designed by the same person.

The CCL application framework logo is composed from two hexagons whereas the smaller one on the inside symbolizes the core library used in embedded products.

The most recent related variation was done by Vivian for this website.